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Our mission is to promote the improvement of the administration of justice, rules and methods of procedure, and the organization and operation of intermediate appellate courts by offering the Chief Judges of the intermediate appellate courts a body for consultation and education.

President’s Message


Hon. Brad R. Hill, President

May 2020

As I write this, we are all in the midst of this pandemic that is gripping our nation. The challenges that are being faced by people across our country are at times overwhelming and many times quite sad. Watching our first responders and health-care professionals step up to meet this crisis is awe inspiring, and I know we all salute them.

For all of us, the challenges of keeping the wheels of justice turning, while at the same time keeping our staff and others safe, has been daunting to say the least. At a time like this, I feel so very fortunate to belong to an organization like CCJSCA. How nice it is to be able to pick up the phone and ask one of our colleagues how they are handling a particular situation in Massachusetts, Nebraska, or Florida. How informative it is to tune in to a terrific webinar featuring one of our colleagues (Chief Justice Mark Green) and hear him and others discuss the implementation of remote video technology.

There is no roadmap for a crisis like this. We have all been doing the best we can, but sharing ideas and approaches with all of you has been so much help. One of our members wrote to me the other day and said the following:

If ever there were a time when membership benefits vastly justified costs, this is it. Though (like so many others) much of my time has been internally focused during this crisis, I have gained so much benefit from the collective learning and experience of my counterpart courts around the country I cannot begin to describe it.

We are indeed all learning from one another—and supporting one another—as we work to move through this unparalleled challenge. Please reach out if you need help or support—or just want a sounding board. We are all here for each other.

We will all have many stories to tell and advice to share when we meet in Florida in December. In the interim, take care and stay safe.


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