“What Lawyers expect at Oral Argument.”  Lawyers are taught early on what judges expect of them at oral argument. Much has been said on this topic. But just as judges have certain expectations of the lawyers who will argue a case, lawyers have certain expectations of the judges who will conduct the argument. Much less has been said on this topic. This GEM will make a few suggestions along those lines (humbly, of course!).


Brian J. Paul is an experienced and accomplished appellate lawyer. He helps clients navigate the complexity of appellate courts, having briefed and argued everything from weighty abstract constitutional issues to concrete dollars-and-cents commercial issues and any number of issues in-between. His name appears on more than 100 decisions, and he has had a direct hand in scores of others.

Note to Viewers: This video is made available to promote education and discussion on issues related to state intermediate courts of appeal.  The views expressed in the video, however, are strictly those of the Presenter and do not reflect any opinion of the Council or its members on any issue.