Friday, January 15th, 2021 at 3:00 PM EST

AJA Rx4 Webinar: Relief
Second in the Series
The American Judges Association is excited to announce a series of free webinars for judges, the court community, and the public. The four-webinar series will examine the challenges facing the country and state courts due to the pandemic and social unrest related to systemic racial inequality. Three of the four topics will echo President Franklin Roosevelt’s response to the Great Depression, which focused on Relief, Recovery, and Reform. The fourth will address the steps state courts, and especially judges, can take to ensure that the state justice system provides equal justice to all.
Relief is the second webinar in the series. This webinar panel discussion will highlight the steps courts have taken to resume suspended in-person hearings and jury trials, to adjust to judges and staff working remotely, addressing expanding case backlogs and other issues.

• Judge George Grasso, Supervising Judge of Bronx County Criminal Court, New York (one of the busiest criminal dockets in the nation)
• David Slayton, Director of the Texas Office of Court Administration
To register, click here. Please forward this invitation to all others who may be interested.

Made possible through the generous support of the State Justice Institute.