Created in 2001, the Appeals on Wheels program set a goal in 2018 to host an argument in every county.  Between 2018 and 2019 the court hosted 88 oral arguments, far exceeding  prior years.  According to Court of Appeals Communications Director Ashley Reed, meeting the milestone was a historic moment for the appellate court.

Former  Chief Judge Nancy Vaidik  agreed.  “We made a concerted effort in the last two years to hit every county. It was important to me as chief judge to hit every county in the state. It feels wonderful.”

Vaidik — whose term as chief judge ended Dec. 31 — reflected on the importance of promoting civic education and showing Hoosiers young and old the opportunities available to them:  “Not many people understand what an appellate court does, the former chief said, and not many can afford to travel and witness the judicial process in action. The solution, then, is to meet them right where they are.”  “We are not the ivory tower that they might have an impression of,” Vaidik said. “That’s not who we are. We are there having a real argument, doing our job in front of them.”

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