The three judges of the Intermediate Court of Appeals of West Virginia (ICA) selected  Judge Dan Greear to be the first  chief judge.

Chief Judge Greear will serve as chief judge for the remainder of 2022 and in 2023. Judge Tom Scarr will be chief judge in 2024, and Judge Charles Lorensen will be chief judge in 2025. Like the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia, the ICA judges choose their chief and set the term of the position.

“I am honored to have been chosen by my colleagues to be the first chief judge of this new court. We have a unique opportunity to build a new appellate court from scratch, and we want to build one that is accessible, transparent, and fair,” Chief Judge Greear said. Governor Jim Justice appointed the three ICA judges. Chief Judge Greear’s term ends December 31, 2026; Judge Scarr’s term ends December 31, 2024; and Judge Lorensen’s term ends December 31, 2028. After the initial terms, ICA judges will be elected to 10- year terms.

The Legislature established the ICA in 2021. The ICA judges will hear appeals of civil cases, appeals from family courts (except domestic violence cases), appeals from state agencies or administrative law judges, and workers’ compensation appeals.

For the convenience of the litigants, many of whom may be representing themselves in family court cases, the ICA will have satellite courtrooms in five county judicial buildings. The locations are spread throughout the state, with the goal being that a litigant will not have to drive further than 90 minutes to reach an ICA satellite courtroom.