The Minnesota Court of Appeals is celebrating its 40th anniversary with events in October and November  that  commemorate the occasion and educate the public about the court.  On October 5, a Court of Appeals reunion will be held where past and present Court of Appeals staff, clerks and judges will gather to share memories about the court

On October 17,  Minnesota Court of Appeals Chief Judge Susan Segal, and fellow Court of Appeals Judges Lucinda Jesson (retired) and Francis Connolly, will hear a reenactment of the very first case argued before the Court of Appeal.

On November 2, a 40th Anniversary Symposium will be held at the University of St. Thomas Law School  where Star Tribune columnist Lori Sturdevant will speak about the campaign to create the Court of Appeals, a panel will discuss the future of the Court of  Appeals and a second panel of appellate judges and law school professors  will discuss   the role of state appellate courts and state constitutions.

Don Verrilli, former United States Solicitor General, will deliver a  Keynote speech on intermediate courts of appeal and the rule of law.

On  November  21  oral arguments will be conducted at  Waseca High School by a three-judge panel  in front of a student audience.

An online digital display will feature  a complete history of the Court of Appeals, its judges, oral history videos, and Law in Action videos.

As part of its 40th anniversary festivities, the Court of Appeals also attended celebratory events in Steele, Ottertail, and St. Louis counties.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals began operating in November 1983. Today, it hears roughly 2,000 appeals each year from district court decisions and administrative agencies, with the exception of first-degree murder, tax, and worker’s compensation cases. Three-judge panels hear cases in St. Paul’s Minnesota Judicial Center, in courtrooms around the state, and via livestreaming.

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