Communication, collaboration and collegiality are considered essential elements of a productive and well functioning appellate court.   This third in a series of white papers prepared for the Council of Chief Judges by the National Center for State Courts with funding from the State Justice Institute explores these elements.  The goal is to provide chief judges with the insight needed to assess and improve the quality of communication, collaboration and collegiality in their courts.   The white paper  examines the widespread use of  communications technology and its impact on the appellate court environment.  In separate sections it explores, among other topics, the quality of communications and collegiality between individual judges as well as between judges and court staff.      The study makes extensive use of surveys with staff and judges from 38 respondent  courts in 27 states who opined on a variety topics including the impact of remote working arrangements, and communication technologies that encourage  less  “face-time” communication.  It is a “must-read.”

The white paper can be accessed in the “Learning Center” at the link below: