Retired chief justice of the 5th Court of Appeals in Texas, Carolyn Wright, received an extraordinary gift from former colleague David Evans–a transplanted kidney. Wright contracted pneumonia and sepsis, was on life support and in a coma for two months and suffered kidney failure. Other friends and family members offered to donate a kidney, but none matched. Evans was a perfect match. Evans told a local TV station, “I feel good donating my kidney to Carolyn. She’s a very brave and courageous woman to be fighting for her life.”

Wright said that she thinks that God is working through Evans.  “I think it’s a God thing,” Wright said. “I think that it is the God that is working in him that met the God in me, and I’m just so very, very grateful for that gift.” “It is my hope that Justice Evans’s extraordinary act of kindness will bring attention to the great need for organ donations and the vital need to raise awareness for this worthy cause,” Wright said in the statement.

Wright was the first African American chief justice on an intermediate Texas appeals court. She was on the appellate bench in Dallas with Evans for six years. She was an active member of the Council of Chief Judges of State Courts of Appeal.  She was inducted into the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame in 2014. Wright didn’t seek reelection in November, while Evans lost his reelection bid. He is now a judge with the 95th civil district court in Dallas.

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